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Professor Dr. Muthu Kumar

Dr. Muthukumar, recognized as one of the best acupuncture doctor in Chennai, has devoted over four decades to refining his holistic approach to healthcare. His pioneering treatments have brought about transformative outcomes, challenging conventional medical paradigms. Professor Dr. Muthukumar's graduated from Madurai Medical College, completing MBBS and after few years of pracitising allopathy medicine had a life changing experience to get interested in Acupuncture.

He switched his career to practice Acupuncture after having formal training in China and Singapore. He started Centre for Acupuncture in Vijaya Hospital in 1996 and currently having his set up in T Nagar, Chennai. His qualifications include MBBS, MD (Acupuncture), PhD (Acupuncture). Dr Muthukumar has attended many international and national conferences. He is invited speaker in many healthcare / acupuncture meetings. He was invited by Government of China to give guest lectures.

Dr. Muthukumar, a renowned figure in the field, is not only an accomplished acupuncture specialist in Chennai but also a leader in holistic healthcare practices. With an extensive career spanning over four decades, his pioneering work has significantly impacted the approach to healthcare, both locally and internationally.

Dr. Muthukumar has been taking on cases deemed as ‘untreatable’ and has been achieving verifiable, attributable results, that has transformed the lives of the patients and has posed challenging questions for modern sciences to further explore and understand. His approach to the treatment, the subjects that he has learnt, applied for treatments are the primary components of knowledge that are shared here.

Complementary Medicine Incorporation and Approach is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare through a unique blend of complementary medicine, education, and community empowerment. We are committed to making high-quality healthcare accessible to individuals worldwide, transcending geographical boundaries. Our mission extends beyond traditional healthcare by fostering a global community of paid volunteers empowered to deliver hyperlocal healthcare solutions.

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Share. Care. Nurture.
One of the top rated acupuncture doctors in Chennai!

Dr. Muthukumar's represents more than just a manual; it's a legacy of knowledge and healing. With over four decades of experiential wisdom, evidence-based treatments, and tangible clinical outcomes, our objective is clear: to share this wealth of knowledge for the betterment of humanity. Our primary components of knowledge encompass a unique approach to treatment, an extensive body of acquired expertise, and a commitment to achieving transformative results. Through sharing, caring, and nurturing, we aim to create a world where healthcare is not limited by boundaries or limitations. Dr. Muthukumar's is a beacon of hope, illuminating the path toward better health and well-being for all.

The Philosophy

At Dr. Muthukumar's, our philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that healing extends beyond the physical body. We understand that true well-being encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. Our approach to healthcare is a harmonious blend of complementary and modern medicine, guided by the principles of compassion, empathy, and holistic healing. We recognize the unique journey of each individual and their inherent capacity for healing. Our philosophy revolves around facilitating this innate healing potential by providing comprehensive care that not only addresses the symptoms but also explores the underlying causes of illness.


Humanity Behind The Practice

Our practice is not just about medical procedures and treatments; it's about the profound connection between healthcare providers and patients. Dr. Muthukumar's is founded on the principle that every person deserves compassionate, personalized care that respects their dignity and individuality. We believe in the humanity behind healthcare. We value the stories, experiences, and emotions of each patient. Our practitioners not only bring their expertise but also their genuine care and understanding to every interaction.


Sharing Knowledge For All

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